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[!!] Revamped and ready to go

Guess what guys? I’m finally back! I know I’ve been gone for a while and that some of you told me you missed my scenarios, but fret not, for I am back and ready to tackle the requests that you guys send me! :) 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with endless-dreams-scenarios, hello! I’m a blog that writes kpop scenarios! I do scenarios for B.A.P, Infinite, and VIXX. 

So, guys, if you want, feel free to leave some requests via askbox or submission. Or if you’d like, feel free to check out the scenarios that I’ve already written! » [x]

Unwavering Feelings - Yongguk

a/n - I literally wrote this during the free time that I had while I was in Europe on my trip xD So I hope it all flows well ^^ Bam~ For the anon that requested a sequel to Forbidden Love (aka First Kiss)~ Which you can read here. You and Yongguk run into each other again a few years later :) 


You take another sip of coffee from your cup as you look the papers scattered on your desk. The chief had given you another assignment on top of the other cases you were already working on.

Letting out a sigh, you leaned back in your chair, both hands grabbing fistfuls of hair in frustration. You were so tired of staring at the file in front of you.

So many of the recent cases that have come in involved some sort of gang war. You had already told your chief that you didn’t want to be assigned anymore cases involving gangs. You’ve had your good share of gang cases.

Raising your arms above you to stretch you glanced over at the clock on the wall. 3 am. You hadn’t even realized that you stayed at your office this long.

You gather together the file in front of you and put it on the stack that piled up on the corner of your desk before reaching down to open the lower drawer.

You pull out your purse and search for your phone. Once you find it, you look at the phone charm and were hit with a pang of nostalgia and guilt.

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Always Here For You [Hyde] - Leo

a/n - Hi again everyone ; u; It’s been a while hasn’t it? If y’all don’t already know, my hiatus is nearing its end and changes are going to made to the blog~ I’ll also be leaving tomorrow for a trip overseas, so I figured I’d at least leave you guys with one scenario before I leave <3 I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Also~ If you guys don’t know yet, I am now taking requests based on the storyline of VIXX’s Hyde :) So if you want to request some scenarios, go right ahead~ Also, please check out the announcements that I have posted regarding the changes to my blog :) <3


You tossed and turned in your bed, unable to sleep. Rolling over to look at your clock, the time read 4am.

Normally Taekwoon would be back by now. He had never been gone for more than an hour each night.

Grabbing a fistful of your hair in frustration you got up out of bed. You had to go check on him.

Grabbing a jacket from the closet, you slipped it on along with a pair of Taekwoon’s sweatpants. You made your way out of the back door of the house you both shared and walked into the woods.

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Himchan - Taking Care of Him

a/n - Requested by an anon :) I’m sorry I haven’t updated. I’ve been stressed with life outside of tumblr. School is being a pain. I wanted to at least post something for you guys in case I don’t post again within the week. I hope you guys like it! As always, let me know what you think, and happy reading! Time to go finish my three papers now TT oTT /sobbeu sobbeu/


“Neh, ________, we’d love to have you come over tonight.”

“Ah, sure thing Mrs. Kim. I’ll come by in a little bit.”

“Oh. And Himchan is back home. I think he’d be exctied to see you.”

“Neh, I’ll be sure to come over then. I’ll see you later.”

You hung up the phone as you looked at your textbooks that were scattered in front of you. Thank goodness it was the weekend otherwise you wouldn’t be able to put aside all of your school work. But you would have gone over to visit the Kim family even if it wasn’t the weekend.

Ever since you were young, you had always been close to Himchan and his family. You were almost like a second daughter in the family, and you often visit whenever you get the chance. To be honest, you were kind of excited to hear that Himchan was back home again.

It had been a while since you had seen your best friend due to his activities as a member of the hot rookie group B.A.P. Even if your main focus was school, you would occasionally check up on their activities.

Getting out from under the comforts of your blanket, you raise your arms above your head and stretch, letting out a loud yawn as well. Your entire body was stiff from sitting down for the past few hours.

You look at yourself in the mirror and adjusted your clothes and pulled your hair down from the messy bun that it was in. You went out into the living room and look for your purse. After looking around for a few minutes, you finally find your keys.

Taking a glance at the clock you notice it was almost seven. You should be able to make it over in time if you left now. Grabbing your coat, you slip it on on your way out of your apartment. Once outside, you were greeted by the night wind of Seoul.

Walking down to the parking lot, you get into your car, turning on the heat in hopes to warm up a bit. You plugged in your ipod to you car and put your songs on shuffle before pulling out and turning out onto the main road.

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Personal Aid - Jongup

a/n - Wah, I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been really busy. Like, literally, I have been up until 2AM these past few nights because of school work TT oTT I’m sorry guys.

I figured I would post at least one scenario tonight. As some of you may have noticed, my request list is slowly growing. I promise I will get to all requests as soon as I can <3 

Anywho, this one was requested by the lovely leilaninguyenr :) I hope you guys like it. A Jongup scenario with the One Shot storyline. I know it’s a bit short. I’m sorry TT mTT 


You sat on the hood of the hummer with your back against the windshield reading a book when you saw heard a loud bang coming from the front gate. Glancing toward it, you saw that Yongguk was already in the process of opening the gate so you turned your attention back to your book. 

Once the gate was opened, Yongguk stood and greeted Jongup. Taking a quick glance over at them, you smile to yourself at how cute and innocent Jongup was. You always wondered how he managed to become part of a gang. 

Just as Jongup was coming in, you noticed a rather large man coming up behind him with a metal rod in his hand. You threw your book down on the ground, jumping off the hood of the car as you saw him raise his arm, bashing Jongup right in the head. 

Yongguk looked as if he was about to charge the assaulter but instead knealt down to check on Jongup. The man threw what seemed to be a USB at both Yongguk and Jongup before hopping into the back of a truck and driving away.

You rushed over to your boyfriend who was unconscious on the ground, pushing Yongguk out of the way. Brushing his bangs out of the way, you examine his forehead. “Yongguk, go grab me a first aid kit.” You slip your arms underneath Jongup and lifted him up, bringing him over to the couch. 

Yongguk rummages around the boxes scattered on the floor in search of the kit. You bite down on your lower lip as you looked at Jongup. Even though it wasn’t that bad of a hit, you knew that it would swell and leave a nasty bruise. “Yongguk-ah, hurry up would you?” 

The latter finally returns with the small kit that he had found and handed it to you. He looked down at his dongsaeng, rage slowly building up inside of him. “Those bastards are going to pay for this.”

"Relax. Go check out what’s on that USB." You dabbed at Jongup’s forhead with an alcohol wipe before applying some ointment to the bump that was slowly forming. Just as you were placing the cotton pad on the wound, Jongup began to stir.

Slowly he opened his eyes, blinking rapidly a few times trying to take in his surroundings. He was disoriented due to the sudden blow to the head and groan when he felt the pain. His hand went up to his head, but you slapped it back down.

"Moon Jongup, this is exactly why I am totally against you being in a gang." You scolded him as you wrapped the gauze around his head. "You are lucky that that guy didn’t beat you into a pulp!" Once you had finished wrapping his head, you slapped him as hard as you could. 

Jongup flinched a bit when you hit him. “Aish, I’m sorry jagi.” He looked at you apologetically. “But at least I have a wonderful girlfriend who’s a nurse that can take of me.” 

You slap your forehead and sigh. “One, stop being so greasy. Two, you never know when I might not be here or if there’s ever a time where I can’t do anything to help you. I can only do but so much Jongup-ah.” You look down at him and kiss him softly. “I don’t want to risk losing you.”

First Kiss - Yongguk

a/n - Alright, now that I’ve finished writing this scenario, I’m going to go crawl into my bed and sob. I’m serious, I had some serious feels while writing this. My wonderful unnie catchingstarlights requested a first kiss scenario with Yongguk. I know you didn’t say you wanted it to follow the One Shot storyline, but I felt like it would add to the tears in this scenario. I hope you like it ; o; /sobs grossly because my scenarios will never be as amazing as hers/ Let me know what you guys think! And as always, happy reading! <3


Wandering down the streets, you keep your head down to avoid making eye contact with anyone. Turning down an alley, you turn your head to make sure no one was following you. You walked a about midway down the alley before you pulled out your phone, looking at the text message your coworker had sent you. “Don’t fall for it.”

You sigh to yourself as you shove your phone back into your pocket. There was a small noise behind you, and you instinctively move your hand to the gun that was in your bag. Seeing that it was only a mouse, you relaxed and sighed. You always had to be careful. If people knew that you were associated with Bang Yongguk’s gang, they would have your head in an instant.

Continuing down the alley, you make a turn at the end and appear in front of a warehouse. You bang on the gate several times before it finally opened up to reveal Zelo, the youngest member of Yongguk’s gang. You make your way inside as he brings down the gate again behind you. 

"Noona, what are you doing here? You know it’s not safe for you to be seen with us." The young boy grabs you by your shoulders and shook you slightly. "Hyung would be infuriated if something happened to you!"

Placing your hands on his arms, you gave him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Junhong. I know how to take care of myself.” You laugh softly and look him in the eyes. “Besides, I heard about Youngjae.” Youngjae was your best friend that you had known since childhood, and once word got out that he had been kidnapped, you knew you had to save him.

"Yah! Junhong, get up here. We need to—" Yongguk was walking down the steps from the upper level but stopped mid sentence when he saw you standing there. He walked briskly over to you and pulled you into his arms. “Jagiya…”

"Gukkie." You wrap your arms around his waist and bury your face into his chest. Taking a small breathe, you inhale his scent and snuggle your head against him. It had been too long since you had been in his arms, and in that moment, nothing else matter. 

"I’m so sorry." He rests his chin on your head and sighs. "I shouldn’t have let them get a hold of Youngjae. But I promise…" He pulls away from you and looks you straight in the eye. "We will get him back no matter what it takes."

"Guk, it’s not your fault." You look at him and smiled. You bring your hands to cup the sides of his face and pull his forehead to yours."I know that we’ll get him back. But I don’t want you guys to do something dumb and get yourselves killed." 

There was a loud crash and you guys turn your heads in the direction of the noise. Himchan had accidentally knocked over his tool box as he was fixing up the car. He raised his hand and laughed. “Sorry. It was an accident. But, we’re all set and ready to go.”

Yongguk glares at him for a moment before giving a small nod. “Daehyun, Jongup, let’s go!” He turns his attention back to you. “We’ll be back. Don’t worry.” He brushes the back of his hand against your cheek.

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A Little Bit Goes a Long Way - Peniel, Ilhoon, Sungjae

a/n - Well, talk about a derp scenario, haha. This turned out a bit different than I was aiming for, but I hope you guys get a good laugh out of it :p This is for the anon who wanted a story of you with BtoB’s maknaeline during B+ Diary. 


Makeup and fashion has always been your passion, so when you were offered the chance to work at the salon near Cube Entertainment, you accepted right away. Sure it was nice being able to work on celebrities, but you were more excited about the different concepts you would be able to work with as a makeup artist. 

Within a few months of working at the salon, you had climbed your way up the ladder and became one of the head artists. You had also gotten to know all of the Cube artists that came in, and you had grown particularly close to the boys of BtoB and become like a sister to them. 

Earlier this morning you received a message from the writers and staff of B+ Diary about the arrangements needed to be made for the schedule and filming today. You almost lost your mind when you saw the request of the staff. 

At 11AM the three youngest members of BtoB made their way into the salon, looking around the entire place, asking if there were any female idols around. It wasn’t long after until the writers told the boys that they girls that they were supposed to meet were actually the three of them. 

You placed your hand on your forehead and sigh when you hear groans and frustrated yells coming from the hallway as Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae made their way to the changing rooms. Each was given a outfit put together by the cordi-noonas according to what the members had written for their ‘ideal girls’. 

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Taking Care of Your Newborn Child - Leo

a/n - Oh my goodness, this one is insanely short. I’m so sorry. TT oTT But this is for the anon who wanted Leo taking care of you and your newborn. I hope you like it dear <3 


You were just about to fall asleep at you heard loud cries coming from down the hallway. Opening your eyes, you looked at the clock on your nightstand. 2:45 AM. You sat up from your bed, trying your best not to wake Leo who was sleeping soundly next to you and grabbed your robe, draping it around yourself. 

It had been a little over week since you came home from the hospital after giving birth to your newborn daughter. You were still recovering and Leo had kept insisting that you rest and let him take care of the baby. But with his busy schedules as an idol, you knew was always tired after coming home from work. 

Walking down the hall, you turn into the nursery and approach your crying daughter. Carefully lifting her up from the crib, you cradle her in your arms, rocking her slowly. She slowly began to stop crying as you hum a lullaby. You smiled as you see her slowly starting to fall back asleep. 

You sit down on the chair next to the crib and continuing rocking her in your arms until she was fast asleep. Soon you felt your eyelids starting to droop and that’s when Leo walked into the room. He took his daughter from your arms and helped you up from the chair. “Yeobo, let’s get you back to our bedroom so you can sleep. You shouldn’t be up taking care of the baby when you should be resting. 

"You were sound asleep Taekwoon-ah. I didn’t want to wake you up. You don’t get enough sleep as it is." You lean your head against your husband’s chest and yawn. "I can take care of her you know."

He kisses the top of your head and smiles against your hair. “I know. I just can’t help but worry over the two most important women in life. I’ll take care of both of you no matter how tired or exhausted I am.” Placing his hand on your back, he leads you back to the bedroom and helps you back into bed. 

"How did I ever find someone as perfect as you?" You laugh and turn to him as he gets in bed with your daughter in his arms. You smile at the scene before you. 

"By coming to one of our fansigns." Leo lets out a small chuckle before leaning down and placing a gentle kiss upon your lips. "Now, get some sleep. You need it."

"I love you Taekwoon." You bundle yourself up in the covers and scoot closer to him. 

"I love you too."


a/n - Yeah. Insanely short. TT oTT I’m sorry <3

Surprising VIXX At Practice

a/n - Woohoo~ Another scenario :D I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a few days v.v I’ve been super busy with school. But, um, yes. The was a request by an anon who wanted a scenario where you surprise VIXX at practice. I took a different approach than most people when it came to the surprise. So hopefully you guys enjoy it! As always, let me know what you think, and happy reading! <3 


You slowly packed away your textbooks and your binder as you picked up your backpack and left the classroom. Sometimes you really regretted taking last night classes, but with your hectic schedule, this was the only way you would be able to finish your education.

Taking a look at your watch, you notice that it’s almost midnight. You figured it wasn’t to late to go visit your boyfriend. He was always busy so he never got the chance to visit you, so often times you went to visit him when you had some free time.

Walking off the school campus, you make your way to the bus stop. The night wind blew and sent chills throughout your body. You mentally reprimand yourself for not bringing a warmer jacket. It didn’t take long until the bus arrived and you got on. Knowing you were going to be one of the last stops, you took the opportunity to get in the little bit of sleep that you could get.

An hour later you awake from your nap and realize that your stop was coming up. Pressing the button to signal you were getting off, you looked at your reflection in the window and fixing your hair. Once the bus came to a stop, you got off the bus and looked up at the building in front of you. Jellyfish Entertainment, a place you were all too familiar with since you came here so often.

You stood there for a little bit before another gust of wind blew by bringing you back to your senses. Entering the doors of the building you bow and greet the secretaries sitting at the front desk before making your way over to the elevator. Once inside, you press the button for the fifth floor.

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Anniversary on Valentine’s Day - Leo

a/n - Okay, I’ve literally changed the ending to this five times because I wasn’t happy with it. I hope you guys like it. 


It was around midnight that you snuck over to VIXX’s dorm to decorate everything before Valentine’s Day. Thankfully the boys were still at practice and wouldn’t be home for a while. You had told Hakyeon ahead of time that you would come over and make them a late dinner after practice.  

It didn’t take you very long to decorate their dorms because you had promised not to do anything to their rooms, so that really only left the living room. Once you finished hanging up the garland and taping balloons to the wall, you began to make dinner. You planned on making a simple kimchi stew. 

You pulled out your phone and called N. It didn’t take long for him to pick up. “Hakyeon-ah, are you guys done?” You heard some yelling and figured it was most likely Ken fooling around. 

"Ah, _______, yeah. We’re actually on our way home now." His voice sounds distant as if he’s holding the phone away from his ear. You hear him yelling at the others to be quiet. "We’ll see you in a little bit, okay?" 

"Ne, arasseo." You laugh and hang up. Looking over at your bag, you pulled out a small stack of envelopes and small boxes of chocolate. You actually wanted to get them something bigger, but you didn’t want them to pig out. They still had to worry about their images as idols. 

You separated the envelopes with the boxes for each of the members. Looking at the items in front of you, you felt as if you were forgetting something. 

"Oh! That’s right, Taekwoon’s gift!" You rummage around in your bag until you find the small teddy bear and picture frame. You smiled as you looked at the picture of you and Taekwoon. Today was going to be your one year anniversary so you wanted to give him a little something. 

You take the gifts and place them in the members’ room. Once you had finished you sat down on the couch.

Moments later you hear the door to the dorm open as the boys come in. You receive a wave of hellos from everyone and nod in response. “The stew is in the pot and I left your gifts in your rooms.”

A few of the boys went straight to the kitchen to get some food while the others retreated to their room to rest and check out their gifts. Taekwoon walked over to you and sat down on the couch next to you.

You look at him in the eyes trying to figure out what he was thinking about. He return with a stare and you two remain like that for a good minute or two until he pulls something out of his pocket and hands it to you. “Happy Valentine’s jagiya.” He speaks softly and kisses your lips softly. 

"Happy Valentine’s to you too oppa." You smile and kiss him back. "But you didn’t have to get me anything."

He shrugs. “I wanted to. Besides, it is our one year anniversary today.”

"Oh, that’s right. I can’t believe I forgot." You slap yourself for forgetting something so important. 

"It’s okay. Open it." He smiles and rubs the spot where you just hit yourself.

Opening the box you see a ring on a chain with something engraved. You take out the ring and read it. ‘For now and forever more. T & _’ 

"Oppa, you didn’t have to." You weren’t expecting him to get you anything, let alone a promise ring like this. 

"Like I said, I wanted to." He smiles and pulls a matching ring on a chain from underneath his shirt. "And this way, we’ll match." He laughs and kisses you again.